Author, publisher, and entrepreneur Jess Clever McQuaid's photo.

The Clever Author was launched by author, publisher, and entrepreneur Jessie Clever as a way for her to contribute to the conversation around self publishing, book marketing, and writing.

Inevitably a Duchess, Golden Leaf Award Nomination
Inevitably a Duchess was nominated for the 2014 Golden Leaf.

Jessie is the award-nominated, best selling author of historical romance and contemporary romantic comedies and has published over fifteen works since first self publishing in 2013. Her books have since garnered critical acclaim as well as recognition by reader fans, especially around her beloved Spy Series and the Black family. In 2014, Jess’s work was recognized when she was nominated for the prestigious Golden Leaf Award by the NJ RWA.

Jessies found support and encouragement listening to and reading about her fellow authors’ journeys through the publishing world and wanted to contribute her own experiences to support other authors and promote a healthy author mindset.

Jessies is not a lawyer or a financial advisor. She’s just here to share her own author journey by providing writing workshops and speaking services.

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